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Shiitake Mushroom Miso Soup

Don’t mind the TV remote in the photo, it’s natural.  Anyways, I’m currently eating vegan for the week and have wanted to try out some dashi variations.  Dashi is the traditional Japanese stock that is the base of most of the cultures sauces and soups.  Dashi is traditionally made with kombu, a type of kelp loaded with delicious glutamate, and katsuoboshi or bonito flakes, a dried, smoked, cured, smoked, dried, smoked, cured, aged fish.  Basically you turn a fish into a brick then you shave it as if you were widdling wood.  Though while Buddhism was being introduced to the country people started adopting vegetarian diets and the dried mushroom dashi was born.  That all being said, I wanted delicious miso soup and this hit the spot!

mushroom miso soup



  • 2qt – Water
  • 1 – 3×4″ Kombu Chunk
  • 4-5 Dried Shiitake Mushrooms
  • 3tbs – Aka(red) Miso Paste
  • 2oz – Firm Tofu, 1/4″ dice
  • 1 – Green Onion, sliced 1/8″ thick
  • 1tsp – Vegetable Oil


  1. Soak kombu in water 30 mins
  2. Remove kombu and heat until just barely simmering, remove from heat
  3. Return kombu and add mushrooms, let sit 30 minutes
  4. Remove kombu and mushrooms, slice mushrooms into 1/4″ strips
  5. Bring dashi stock to a simmer, using a wooden spoon, stir in miso paste until fully dissolved, then taste and add more if needed
  6. Saute sliced mushrooms in olive oil 3-4 minutes until lightly caramelized
  7. Drain on paper towel, then add mushrooms, green onions, and tofu
  8. Pour into a bowl and enjoy!