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Manpuku | West LA, CA

Manpuku was delicious with an identity crisis.  It blended Japanese and Korean flavors and cooking methods to make an unforgettable meal that left us sated, and saddened with how much lighter our wallets were, but I’ll definitely be back!


The Assorted Kimchi
The Assorted Kimchi

Assorted Kimchi

  • Zucchini Kimchi – Had great crunch, but not too much flavor, light and refreshing
  • Radish Kimchi – Bright and punchy, crisp with a nice bit of heat
  • Classic Kimchi – It was a it of a young kimchi, I prefer it a bit more pungent and spicier

Garlic Rice

Absolutely Delicious!  Cooked in a hot pot, then stirred up at the end.  We let it sit in the pot an extra 5-7 mins until most of the rice on the outside was super crunchy and borderline burnt (it’s the best that way)!  You definitely don’t want to eat this before going to meet up with your significant other unless they adore garlic, but we do so we destroyed this delicious rice dish!

Shredded Salad

Straw Cabbage Salad w/ Ginger Dressing

On the menu it just says normal old cabbage salad, but I was REALLY impressed with this salad.  It’s shredded cabbage, but when I think of shredded cabbage I generally think of a coleslaw which is around a 1/16th” julienne, but this was more of a 1/24th” mandolin fine slice, it gave the cabbage an almost noodle like characteristic.  They had crunch, but they also had space to move in your mouth while chewing, and it was a great transport for the ginger dressing.  A really good salad!

Butterflied Shrimp. . . Ate too fast to get a good pic
Butterflied Shrimp. . . Ate too fast to get a good pic

Butterflied Shrimp

The butterflied shrimp were marinated in a miso sauce, and this is when we started cooking our own food.  You may not know this about Adam and myself, but we’re both believers that meat is generally best closest to it’s raw state.  So with that said, most of our meats were cooked medium-raw to possible rare, as a rule of thumb for Japanese/Korean, any BBQ with thin slices of meat and high heat we’re just going to sear and enjoy.  These shrimp were no different, they had the perfect amount of shrimp flavor balanced with the miso sauce to pronounce the flavors more than a regular shrimp could.  Great bites!

Marinated Beef and Veggies 2

Beef – Fatty/Lean/Medium-marbled

All of them were stellar, not a complaint about any.  The fatty was the best, and the lean was great because it would stick to the pan, causing it to slightly fall apart, and giving you something to grab at with your chopsticks.  One of my favorite parts about these barbeque restaurants is that you’re not just encouraged to play with your food, it’s the only way to cook it!

The best!
The best!

Salted Beef Short Rib Meat

Honestly one of the best meats I’ve tasted, incredible flavor, decadent texture, rich mouthfeel from the unctuous fattiness, balanced with brightness of the green onion seasoned salt.  When you sear it and take a bite, your eyes will close, your brain will shut off, and you’ll experience what is known as “inner peace”

Harumon(ordered separately) (Beef Tripe)

We did the miso marinated intestine, which was quite tasty, but agreed as our least favorite.  Not because of flavor, but because it’s so hard to get tripe to not be chewy.  The best way of cooking it was grilling it, returning it to the sauce plate, then grilling it, and continuing back and forth until it had an incredible crunchy glaze and more meatiness less chewiness.  Don’t get me wrong either, it was still absolutely delicious, and next time I go back I’m only getting weird animal body parts, but next time I want to get the salted version as I feel it will impart a higher level of tenderness!


It was edamame!

Yukkejan Soup

Kind of like a Korean Soondubu Jigae, it was a delicious hot bowl of soup with shredded meat, tofu, and bean sprouts.  I’d explain it further, but I ate it all too fast.

Ice Cream

I got lychee, Adam got green tea.  The lychee was almost like a sorbet and it was refreshing while not being too sweet.  The green tea ice cream was also well balanced as far as the sweetness goes.  We had actually forgotten the meal came with ice cream so it was a pleasant surprise when it came out.

Manpuku Tokyo BBQ



2125 Sawtelle Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90025