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How to Make Seasoned Oil (Garlic Rosemary)

So, this is something that is incredibly simple to make, and yields a delicious bi-product too!  I’m talking about flavored oils, in culinary school we made all kinds, lemon oils, basil oils, etc etc, but today we’re going to stick with the easiest one to make in your own kitchen, herbed garlic oil!  What are the uses of flavored oils?  Garnishing is the first and foremost, you just finished making an amazing hummus and you want to put a nice little pool of oil in the middle, why not have it taste like garlic and rosemary.  It’s great for finishing risottos, a delicious change of pace for vinaigrette, and added level of depth as a finishing oil in your stir fry.  Really you can use it for anything your heart desires, and more importantly it will impress people at a dinner party.  That’s all anyone cares about anyway.  With that said, you have 20 guests showing up in an hour and your caprese salad needs a sexy finishing oil, you’re in luck.  I’m even going to offer two methods for the process

There’s an extra recipe at the bottom so you can also have delicious crostini with your caprese!



  • 1gallon – 75/25 Canola/Olive Oil Blend
  • 2lbs – Peeled Garlic
  • 1/2lb – Rosemary Sprigs

RECIPE #1, oven method

  1. Set oven to 180, or 200 if that’s your lowest setting, anything under 225 will help the oil retain some of its own flavor
  2. In a large sauce pot add the garlic and rosemary, then fill with oil
  3. Cover and place in oven for a minimum of one hour.  At the end of the hour retrieve one garlic glove and allow to cool for a minute, squeeze it between your fingers, if it’s soft and gooey you can pull it out, if not go for another half hour (it will realistically take 1 1/2 – 2hours to get all of that oil up to temperature and cooking)
  4. When finished, remove from oven and strain in a separate container reserving the garlic and rosemary
  5. Oh wait. . . you’re done!


RECIPE #2, burner method

This recipe is based on temperature control, and I make mine using an induction burner with a constant heat source, since I’m assuming you’re using fire or electricity and will need a thermometer, preferably a probe one or candy one you can leave in for a constant temperature.

  1. In large sauce pot add garlic, rosemary, and oil
  2. Bring up to 180 degrees
  3. Poach the garlic and herbs for 45 minutes, at 20 minutes start stirring every 5 minutes (otherwise you’ll ended up with some browned garlic, not a bad thing, but too much can give the oil an off flavor)
  4. Take off heat, strain and reserve garlic/rosemary
  5. BOOM finished!



  1. In a food processor add the reserved garlic and herbs, puree about 3 minutes, scrape down sides, puree 2 more minutes until smooth (there will still be flecks of rosemary, that’s just fine)
  2. Put puree on everything ever