Eating In Bed was started in December of 2010 by me, Nicholas Kern, a food writer and chef.  For the past 5 years I have been publishing articles to sites like Notecook, Food, All Recipes, Epicurious, and more.  After years of doing this I decided to create my own individual site where I could gather the most innovative and creative new recipes from all over the web and share them.  I also started this site to help people get into cooking that otherwise have no business in the kitchen.  It’s my dream that everyone could be self-sufficient in a kitchen to some degree and that they could also create with the ingredients around them instead of just following recipes.  I would love to receive guest posts that are spin-offs of dishes I’ve already made, and in fact it’s highly encouraged.


I’ve loved cooking since I was a kid; I would pull a chair up to the stove-top so I could cook eggs in the morning.  By 11 years old I knew how to make Eggs Benedict and by the time I was 16 I was roasting racks of lamb or baking Peking Duck just to feed friends that were coming over to hang out.  Growing up I also learned a lot about food from the restaurants I ate at, all the different ways to plate, the numerous possibilities for the execution of the same dish, so I also do restaurant reviews to share places worth visiting!  After high school I went to college for Film and Television and learned a lot more about food and the food industry from working on film sets as the caterer, cooking for personal events, working at a catering company, and even being a bus boy for Paula Dean’s restaurant – The Lady and Sons.  By the time I had graduated I had written over 100 recipes and was making a small amount of money from my writing, then I moved to LA and after a few lack luster years in the entertainment industry I decided I wanted to make a living doing what I loved.  I wanted to share my recipes and hopefully inspire others to step out of their culinary comfort zone to try new foods.


Eating in Bed is here for you, the reader, to be more than just a reader.  It’s here for you to be a part of this culinary collaboration, I want to hear plenty of feedback, and I want to post the recipes you make!  Nothing would be greater to me than to see this site blow-up with crazy recipes like Langoustine Stuffed Pork Tenderloin with a Bechamel Sauce or a Fruit Tart topped with Candied Caramel Cherimoya.  With all of this said, check out the site and let me know what needs work and what you like.  ALSO let me know what you want to see more of, and if you have recipes send them in ASAP!


Thank you for checking out the site, be sure to tell your friends!


Nicholas Kern

Editor in Chief


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