Paiche – Marina Del Rey, CA

Beautiful decor, incredible ambiance, I really love the look of this place, a simple open floor, wall side booths, a bar as soon as you walk in, and an open kitchen. This is definitely a step up for the mar vista/marina del Rey food scene, which has been making strides to move past the Del Taco and iHop. I was seated quickly, though it took a few minutes for my server to get to me and he quickly made up for it by putting in my order and being attentive through the rest of the meal. I went with the margarita, and tsukemono(assorted pickles) to start.


– absolutely on point, most people that know me know that I love margaritas and this one didn’t jump off the menu at me, but I tried it and the house-made orange bitters elevated this into a margarita I’ll remember, like the meal, the flavors start out bold but as you progress they become subtle, elusive, pervasive. I really enjoyed the playfulness that something as simple as agave nectar and bitters can bring to a margarita. The bitters created almost a hint of smokiness.


– good balance, a bit on the sweet side, which comes together beautifully with the spice in the brine and the kick of the grain mustard. The fennel was insane with the contrasting natural licorice flavor and the forcibly introduced brine, everything was light refreshing and crunchy, and it’s garnished with a chiffonade of ohba/shiso, one of my favorite herbs that’s in between a basil and a mint flavor


– the namesake of the restaurant, and it lives up to the task, a nice slight sear, still a bit chewy, in a good way, paired with aji Amarillo lemon vinaigrette, soy, sesame oil and a delicious sweet potato purée/chip. It was light, with an elusive flavor, definitely dish you’ll want to try again and again.  Who would’ve thought such a monstrous fish could have such delicate flavor?

Pork Neck

– this is incredible, and exactly what I wanted. The pork neck was more tender than any Korean BBQ place I’ve eaten, with a subtle flavor of the gochujang chili paste that blend PERFECTLY with the yuca purée that had delightful aromas of  coriander and cumin. Frankly this is a fusion of cuisines I’ve been searching for but haven’t found, I’m so glad Paiche is down the street!


–  yuca beignets with Manchego topped with Parmesan, do i have to say anymore? Yes, yes I do, the menu doesn’t mention the salsa verde this comes with, it’s on completely different level of delicious, dangerously so. I could drink it by the glass, but that said, the beignets were perfect, crispy, crunchy, ooey, gooey, and to me it looked like a take on that Japanese street food Takoyaki, the way the Parmesan shavings are on top.  While the pork neck exploded my mind, I’m still thinking about the Yuquitas!


Since this article I’ve been back a few times since and have not been disappointed.  The prices are a bit steep, but if you’re looking to splurge I highly recommend it as the food and cocktails are above standard and the service is very attentive.



13488 Maxella Ave.

Marina Del Rey, CA 90292




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