Aroma Cafe – Los Angeles, CA

Mezza Platter

Aroma Cafe is a charming little cafe in a strip mall not near much with no reason to really make you go there. . . and that’s exactly why it’s so amazing.  They’re not trying to win customers, they know that people that know about it will come again and again, and the food is why!


Meza platter

Smoked beef, beef and pork sausage, feta like cheese, spreadable cheese with pepper and a tomato with an olive inside.  As someone that works every day in charcuterie and cheese it was very refreshing to have another cultures version of these salamis.  The sausage was similar to a thin sopressata, but it had a bolder spice base possibly involving fennel seed or even caraway.  The smoked beef was similar to a bresaola, and it was sliced just thick enough to give it a good texture.  The feta type cheese was just that, quite tasty paired with anything on the plate.

Lamb w/ Potatoes

Lamb w veggies and potatoes

I’ve never had a bone-in lamb steak that was actually tender, let alone cooked medium rare with a singular bite of melt on your tongue bone marrow.  Honestly, whatever they did to this lamb is above me, it was tender, juicy, and cooked perfectly.  And their stuffed grape leaves were amazing also.  I really wish that we didn’t eat this meal 6 months ago and that I had a better memory, but this was one of the best meals eaten in LA.  The potatoes were seasoned and cooked great with something making you wonder “what is that?”, and the vegetables were deliciously tendercrisp which is something I look for in vegetables.  Nothing’s worse than a mushy vegetable side.


This is how terrible the meal was:

Would’ve eaten the bones if they were edible

But, that’s not everything.  We got a trio of desserts.  An apple, a pie, and a type of baklava.  All of which delicious, but the apple was the best thing ever.  It was (I’m guessing) cored and slowly braised with a delightful simple syrup before having the core stuffed with a flavorful whipped cream.  It blew minds into thousands of pieces.  I would like to also state that for three people to eat two appetizers, an entree, and three desserts was about $20 per person, actually I think we all paid $18 each.  And Aroma Cafe is a hidden gem, it has a great family vibe that can’t be artificially constructed, you want to go there with friends and a few bottles of wine and forget the rest of your day while eating delicious food.  Truly a place where food memories are made!

Dessert (that apple is the best thing ever)



2530 Overland Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90064




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