Anthony’s Wood Oven Pizzeria | Exton, PA

This one is a comfort food review, as I’ve been craving real pizza since I moved away from PA oh so many years ago.  It’s been several years since I’ve had a good slice, and more importantly a great stromboli.  Now normally I don’t review a place unless I’ve eaten there a couple times and have gotten a feel for the menu, but in this instance we were doing a going away dinner for my brother returning to Japan and we got 4 pizzas and 3 strombolis, so I feel we partook in an adequate part of the menu.

Anthony's Wood Oven Pizzera, Exton PA



  • The eggplant pizza was absolutely delicious.  My mom’s been raving about it since I got back, and I figured it would be the typical eggplant pizza where the eggplant is watery and chewy and extra salty, and I was wrong.  The eggplant was cooked to the point where it was tender, slightly dry, and extremely flavorful.  The way it blended in with the cheese and sauce was delicious and it reminded me of a really good mozzarella stick for reasons unknown to me, but I thoroughly enjoyed this pizza


  • This pizza was tasty, but it left a little to be desired in my opinion.  The squid was not rubbery, which is very very important, but it was also quite dry.  When squid gets dry like that it loses the delicate flavor you’re looking for, and it is replaced by a flavor that’s more overwhelming like a fish sauce.  Overall I liked it, but it wasn’t my favorite


  • Standard delicious cheese pizza.  Exactly what I’d been waiting for, and exactly what I wanted.  This is where I’ll talk about the dough for a second.  It wasn’t too gummy, it wasn’t too crispy, it was nice and pliable and thin with a crust that wasn’t overwhelming.  It held the toppings and it was a vessel for the cheesy saucy goodness.  This is the type of crust I like, I know everyone has their preferences, but this is all I want, and I got what I wanted.  If you have a problem with their cheese pizza that’s on you, because I can’t complain one word



  • It had ham, peppers, pepperoncinis, and onions.  This is my favorite type of Italian stromboli as I feel pepperoni in the mix tends to over power the other flavors and makes it a battle between pepperoncini and pepperoni, it’s gotta be one or the other.  In this case Anthony’s did it my favorite way and there was a good balance between dough, meat, cheese, pepperoncini crunch, and pepper/onion flavor.  It comes with the house marinara that is delicious dipped, dunked, or topped and it brought back nostalgic memories of making strombolis with my brothers as a kid


  • I saved the best for last, as I get a cheesesteak every time I come home to PA.  This time I opted out on the drive in to Philly to get a Jim’s Steak, which is my favorite by far, and wanted a stromboli version which we also used to make as kids.  Ours weren’t as good because we were using steak-ums and square American cheese, but none-the-less we prevailed.  Anthony’s steak stromboli hit the spot.  We ordered 2 of them, and had one left over.  This morning we toasted up the leftovers, chopped them up, sauteed them with a bit of the house marinara and topped them with a fried egg.  It was really something delicious the world hasn’t had enough of.

Overall the food didn’t change my life, but like I said this review is about comfort, family, and food memories.  Anthony’s took a normal night and provided everyone with a great meal that made it a great night to see my brother off.  I’m going to think of this meal the next time I’m craving pizza and any time I start craving stromboli!


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