French Scrambled Eggs

This is a recipe I learned from a chef that is absolutely incredible.  Both the chef and the recipe, but it’s something that’s extremely simple, and I’ve gone the molecular gastronomy route of trying to break down the simplicity even further to make the best dish possible.  The eggs are whisked for a full 2 minutes to fully incorporate the yolks and whites together, so that the protein walls will coagulate at the same temperature, and the added fat/water content from the milk will allow the eggs to cook slower than if they were alone, allowing you more flexibility in the cooking process.  The salt is added just to enhance the flavor and bring out the smooth rich flavors of the egg and butter.  While I’ll continue making this until I’ve got an absolutely perfect French Scramble, I wanted to share it because it is one of the only egg dishes where I haven’t felt the need to get ketchup.  I know, scandalous, a cook that loves ketchup, but these eggs don’t require it.  It’s the scrambled eggs you’ve always dreamed of but never had, they never get that hard dry curd of normal scrambled eggs, never rubbery, no brown burnt bits, only soft and light bites that carry all the flavor of egg with a superb texture.  I really hope you like these and start incorporating them in your arsenal.

The closest thing I could find to an example of a French Scramble
The closest thing I could find to an example of a French Scramble


  • 2 – Eggs
  • 1 TSP – Milk
  • 1 TSP – Salt
  • 2 TSP – Butter, unsalted
  • *OPTIONAL* 1 TSP – Butter, melted


  1. In a bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, and salt for about 2 minutes until the yolk and white are completely incorporated.  This is important because if any whites are still separated from the yolks they will coagulate before the yolk and your scramble won’t be as light or decadent
  2. Heat a medium/small sloped sided stainless steel pot(DO NOT USE NON-STICK!!) you can fit your whisk in over medium-low heat and melt the butter
  3. Remove from heat and whisk in your eggs
  4. Return to heat and continuously whisk for 5-7 minutes, you’ll notice around 2-3 minutes that the eggs are starting to develop a curd, continue whisking, constantly scraping the bottom to ensure even cooking
  5. After 5-7 minutes you’ll have very silky curds that should be pillowy soft to the touch, and slightly moist, you can add in a little bit of butter and whisk to combine to give them a nice glossy shine
  6. *OPTIONAL* Garnish with minced parsley

These scrambled eggs really changed my perception of what scrambled eggs can be.  Growing up I liked nothing better than some fast fried up scrambled eggs slathered in cheese and ketchup on a piece of buttered toast, but after having that forever I lost site of the fact that eggs are supposed to be the star of the show.  When you have these scrambled eggs you’ll put away the ketchup, you’ll leave the cheese in its drawer and the bread on the shelf because you really don’t need anything else to enjoy these.  They are, in a single word, delicious.


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