Siam Chan | Mar Vista, CA

Siam Chan Mar Vista CA
Siam Chan Lunch Special

So I’m going to start incorporating normal articles with the Japanese articles, just so I don’t fall much further behind on some form of a publishing schedule.  Life’s been busy, moved, had a break up, finished my first quarter of culinary school and I’m on to the second now, and I’m working full time as a Cheese Monger, but that’ll be discussed in another post.  Today’s post is about delicious Thai food in Mar Vista for cheap with nice decor and great menu options.


Siam Chan just opened a few weeks ago and I went in because I had thought about going to Subway, but thought better of it and went to Siam Chan.  I checked out the menu and decided I needed to bring my roommate, so we came back a few days later and tried out the menu.

Siam Chan Mar Vista CA
Siu mai Dumplings

I started with the Siu Mai steamed dumplings that had amazing flavor, great combination of textures, and a great sauce there was a little bit of shrimp that tied the dumplings together and the sauce was a good addition, but the dumplings can stand-up on their own.  My friend Adam got the Papaya Salad, we asked for it extra spicy, it wasn’t too crazy spicy, but the flavors were all there.  Great acidity, tartness, and sweetness with phenomenal crunch.

For the entrees we both went with our standards that we test every Thai restaurant on.  Adam’s went with the pad-see-ew, and you best believe I went with the duck over rice.  The pad-see-ew was delicious, the pork was tender, the broccoli was tender crisp(a very rare find in a lot of Asian restaurants), and the noodles were sliiiiightly overcooked, in a good way.  I kept stealing bites of his.

My duck over rice was also great, my only complaint was that the duck fat could have been crispier, but I eat tons of duck and can be snobbish.  It was definitely good enough that I would come back and get it again and again.  The duck was infused with amazing flavor while retaining some tasty gaminess.  The rice was steamed well and overall it was just a nice simple dish.

Since the first time, both Adam and I have gone back, I got the lunch special red curry, it was delicious and had an ample amount of bamboo shoots which are one of my favorite textures.  Adam got the seafood soup and said it was really good, but the muscles weren’t his favorite.  I’m not going to take his word for it though, I’m going to go back and have it myself.  I also went and had the Sweet and Sour Chicken Lunch Special, which my least favorite so far, all the flavors were great, the texture was also not a problem, but there was just a pool of sauce.  It may have been an isolated incident, and the fact that it’s $5.50 for an entire lunch makes it so I can’t really complain.

Siam Chan Mar Vista CA
Siam Chan Menu

Everytime I’ve gone there I’ve been greeted as soon as I walk in the door, the service is awesome, I’ve never had an empty glass, and the servers will provide their opinions on the menu.  The decor looks great, it’s simple and clean, there’s a bar area that looks like it hasn’t been fully filled out yet, but it just opened so I’m sure they’re still figuring out what they’re going to do.  All together I’ve had several great meals at a casual/quick service Thai place with exceptional prices, fantastic service, and a clean new feel.  I’ll be going back many many times, and doubt I’ll be dissapointed by much!


12470 Venice Blvd.

Mar Vista, CA 90066

(310) – 915 – 7408




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