Japan – Touching Down in Nagoya

On April 26th, of 2012 a grand adventure was started that wouldn’t end for almost a month in the Southern portion of the epic island of Japan.

This is actually Tokyo! We'll be there next!!!

We flew from LAX and after an extremely long plane ride we landed in Tokyo’s Narita airport where we had to run to our next gate to catch our plane to Nagoya.  When we arrived we only had a facebook message from my brother to try to find him.  It worked out and we ended up at his work place where he teaches English.  From there we hopped on the train and headed to his apartment, but before getting there we stopped for our first meal in Japan which was ramen!


Drew’s stomach wasn’t feeling the greatest so he sat that meal out and had some rice while Tim and I tore up some incredible ramen.  We both got the pork variation that was made with a very salty broth and really light noodles.  It had the soul warming properties of a chicken noodle soup after a very long trip.  After that meal we went to my brothers apartment, which is typical for Japan, but not really meant to house three adult men.  But none-the-less several times on our tour we would end up crashing on this floor watching movies including all four hours of Gettysburg.  It was a staging ground for adventure, and the following day we had reservations in Tokyo, so when we got up in the morning we went with Tim to the train station, and received our JR Rail Passes that allowed us to travel Japan.  The rail passes cost almost as much as the plane tickets, but were completely indispensable, with a month long pass you can go anywhere a JR train touches, which is most of Japan from Sapporo to Fukuoka.


I know, this isn’t the grand huge article you were expecting after so long, but what can I say?  I’m a bit of a tease, and you’ll have to wait for the next article to see how we spent our time and money in Tokyo!  I will warn you, the photography is not the best, nor is it even remotely near good.  I didn’t have an awesome camera, I just had a little point and shoot that did photos and videos, all the necessities were covered.  But next time we’ll discuss pork belly stew and some yakitori!


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