Waterloo & City | Culver City, CA


Waterloo and City was my first time ever experiencing quail and rabbit, and I loved every second of it.

A friend of mine had gone there for a date and had a great time, so I checked out the menu a while ago and thought it looked great, but didn’t really have the time to make it there.  Last night I took my lady there and we proceeded to feast like never before.

I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t really take in the decor or ambiance that much, as soon as I saw the menu my brain was working at a thousand miles a minute with all the combination of ridiculous delights!  Our server, Amanda, was incredible!  She made it a memorable dining experience and her knowledge of the menu was impressive.  She was so good that we got not just one, but two of the specials.

So what’d we eat?

With Pistachios and Piccalilli
Photo from NomNomCat.Com

Rabbit Pistachio Terrine with Piccalilli and Brioche


It had such an incredible flavor and texture with the smoothness of the rabbit contrasted with the speckled pieces of pistachio.  It came with a piccalilli with carrots, garlic, and other vegetables.  The two together were good, but I felt the piccalilly overpowered the delicate flavor of the terrine.  With that said, each of them separately spread on the brioche, made me smile with each bite.  This was my first experience with both rabbit and piccalilli and I really loved both!


Duck Wrapped in Quail with Mushrooms and Fava Beans – SPECIAL


I love duck, and anyone I know will tell you that I talk about duck almost as much as eggs benedict.  They do duck right because they did it different.  It was in between a puree, mouse, and ground meat substance speckled with chunks of tasty duck fat throughout with a deliciously salty quail slice wrapped around the outside.  It came with a trio of mushrooms including portabella, crimini, and I believe chantrelle, along with fava beans, which were a first for me.  I was expecting them to have the lima bean consistency, but it was a lot smoother with almost no grain what so ever.  The combination of all three in one bite was ecstasy inducing.


With Red Wine, Onion Marmalade
Photo from Yelp

Beef Wellington with Grilled Salsify, Onion Marmalade, and Red Wine


Now this was the best beef wellington I’ve ever had.  My lady got it because she’d never had it, and I’m always hesitant of beef wellington due to the inconsistency of the ones I’ve had prior.  The buttery pastry added salt and fat to the filet, which is a leaner cut to begin with, but the filet lent its juices to the pastry and they made a perfect combination.  Under the wellington was bacon wrapped white asparagus that honest to god tasted like the best bacon wrapped scallops I’ve ever eaten.  There was a green sauce on the bottom, which I’m assuming was the grilled salsify as it had a grilled flavor in it, and on top was the red wine and onion marmalade.  I know what’s one of the ingredients in that marmalade that’s a secret, and I won’t tell, but I use it too, and it makes the absolute best steak sauces.  Inside the pastry there was some other meat also, under the steak, and I can’t really explain or describe it properly, but it both contrasted and complimented the wellington.  We both loved it!


16oz Kansas City Steak with Potatoes, White Asparagus, and Bearnaise Sauce – SPECIAL


Last weekend I was watching Food Network and saw the Best Thing I Ever Ate, and they were talking about steaks, and it made me want a big old steak that’s perfectly cooked on a plate.  And that is exactly what I got.  Grilled perfectly, topped with some roasted new potatoes and white asparagus.  There was also parsley, and spinach with, I’m assuming the red wine and onion marmalade.  It was accompanied with bearnaise sauce, my absolute all time favorite steak sauce.  The only complaint I have of the entire meal is an aesthetics one that the bearnaise had broken by the time it got to the table.  It in no way changed the flavor of the sauce, but it made it look slightly less appetizing, BUT that’s me just being a hollondaise mother sauce freak.  The steak was perfect though, it didn’t melt in my mouth, which was exactly what I wanted.  I wanted a big fat medium rare steak that you hit with a little sauce and chewed while all those juices, flavors, and textures combined in your mouth, and this steak did just that.  Definitely the best steak I’ve had in a long time, and my mouth is nostalgically watering at the thought of it!


With Candied Ginger
Photo from Yelp

If I could give a 6 star review I would!  Our drinks were amazing too, so love to the bartender!  I got the Westside which had gin, lemonade, mint and blackberry juice, and the Honey Bear which had Maker’s Mark, Orange Bitters, Barenjager, and an orange twist.  My girlfriend had the Dark and Stormy, with rum, ginger beer, and candied ginger, as well as the Pimm’s cup with Pimm’s, “Lemonade”, and cucumber.  They were all delicious and might even rival the drinks at Sunny Spot!  Over all a phenomenal meal!


12517 Washington Blvd.

Culver City, CA 90066

(310) – 391 – 4222






One thought on “Waterloo & City | Culver City, CA”

  1. I was just going to write on your Freddy Smalls entry that you should check out the chicken liver mousse at Waterloo but of course, you must’ve already! 🙂 Glad you liked the photo of the rabbit terrine – the lighting was beautiful that day! And coincidentally the “photo from Yelp” was mine as well! haha. Cheers!

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