Sakura Japanese Restaurant | Lionville, PA

I’m going to go a bit off the beaten path with this review as Sakura is where I learned about the delicious world of sushi, and now I’m going to share it with you!  This is a hard one to write because this restaurant and it’s prior incarnation are what introduced me to sushi.  It wasn’t just where I was introduced, it’s where I developed my palette for sushi, and more importantly where I decided what sushi I really loved.  Their Spider Roll and Unagi Nigiri are the ones I learned to love, and the ones I have continued to try at every sushi restaurant since.


Sakura Sushi, Lionville, PA

I won’t go into the specifics of individual dishes like I normally do, but I’ll talk about the place as a whole, you should already be assuming the food’s amazing!  Okay, maybe I’ll talk about the food a bit, their miso soup is sooooooo good, it’s the even balance of light salty miso paste with the seaweed and tofu.  I can’t express my love for their nigiri, more specifically their sushi boat and specials.  My parents would usually get the Love Boat for 2 and I would get a spider roll and unagi nigiri(the eel slices on top of white rice).  Every time the eel is warm, not hot, and it melts in your mouth with the sweet barbecue sauce.  My stomach’s growling thinking about their spider rolls.  I’ve always been passionate about the absolute amazingness of soft shell crab.  I’d only found out about it a short while before having the sushi form, the spider roll, and I was instantly in love.  The combination of the crunch of the crabby delight and the cucumber with the softness of the avocado and rice makes for a balanced contrast; I rarely dip spider rolls in soy sauce, they’re just too good.  On the Love Boat comes 10 pieces of sushi, 10 pieces of sashimi, with tuna rolls, spider rolls, and California rolls.  In fact that’s where I tried my first spider roll when I was back in the days of only eating California rolls for a fear of raw fish.  But I digress, it took me several years before I tried their sashimi, but I did eat the nigiri, and learned to love it.  The tuna, salmon, albacore, and more are where I got over my fear of eating raw fish, ahhh the good old days of drenching perfect fish in super spicy brown wasabi juice I called soy sauce.  Here’s the most important part of going to Sakura, it’s the tempura ice cream, or in my dad’s case, the tempura bananas.  They’re perfect, I’ve eaten tons of fried ice cream at several other restaurants, but none compare.  It’s warm and gooey and ice creamy, if you’re wearing socks, be aware that they will be knocked off!


Sakura is one of my all time favorite restaurants, every time I go home, I go to Sakura.  It’s like Blue Cafe in Downingtown, a place a I grew up with that just so happened to have insanely amazing food.  If I can stress one thing, it’s how amazing the tempura ice cream is!  Have you eaten at Sakura?  If so, be sure to comment!  Tell me about some of your favorite restaurants! 


475 E. Uwchlan Ave.

Chester Springs, PA 19425

(610) – 363 – 6189



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