Ramen with Kale and Parsnips

Tilapia Ramen with Kale & Parsnips

Ramen with Kale and Parsnips

As it should be well known, I will be traveling to Japan and I will be eating everything they’ve ever laid claim to.  The only problem is that Ramen was actually Chinese to begin with, BUT that won’t stop me from tearing it up!  Dry Goods Ramen itself is nothing special, it’s a privation food and when you have to eat something so often through your life, why not spice it up, or make it healthy, just something that isn’t noodles with super salty broth and tiny chunks of dehydrated stuff.  This variation of Ramen was quite delicious!  My seafood stock really created a great base for the tilapia, and the kale created a bitterness that matched the slightly tangy sweetness of the parsnips.  The best part of the meal was not knowing if I was going to be biting tilapia or parsnip!



  • 1 Parsnip Peeled
  • 1/2 Red Bell Pepper
  • 2 Stalks Kale
  • 1/3 Onion
  • 1 Large Serranno Pepper
  • 1 Cup Seafood Stock
  • 1/4 Cup Soy Sauce
  • 1 Ramen Cube (no seasoning packet)
  • 1 Bay Leaf
  • 1 Tilapia Filet (about 1/4-1/3 lbs)


  1. Roughly chop the parsnip, onion, peppers, and kale
  2. Throw them in a pot of boiling water with the bay leaf, boil 7-10mins
  3. Using tongs or a slotted spoon, transfer your veggies to a bowl
  4. Pour out 85% of the liquid (keep the bay leaf)
  5. Chop up your tilapia into bite size chunks
  6. Put the remaining liquid over high heat and in the bay leaf again
  7. Add in the seafood stock and soy sauce
  8. When it comes to a boil add the ramen cube and the tilapia
  9. Cook 3-4 minutes until ramen is soft (the tilapia and noodles will cook at the same speed)
  10. Remove from heat and pour the noodles, broth, and tilapia over the veggies
  11. Enjoy!


This turned out great, and I’ve been making weird variations of ramen all week, but just haven’t had a camera around, and a couple pictures from my phone got botched, but this one I felt proud enough of the flavors that I would sacrifice the quality of the picture, just to share it!

I hope you all like it, and I know there are other ramen Macgyver’s out there, and I want to hear your recipes!  What did you think of the seafood stock?  Oh you loved it?  Tell others on our Facebook page!  Be sure to keep checking back as we get closer to the travel date which is April 26th.  I’ll be eating tons of food and shooting loads of videos, which will all be posted!  Soon Japan, soon you will be mine!

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