Nutty Nomads – Episode 1 – Japanese Garden Festival

The Nutty Nomads travel Los Angeles and bring the adventure to you!

The Nutty Nomads are two sisters who LOVE to travel, try new things, and experience all that life has to offer! They currently live in Los Angeles, but are hoping to be able to travel and live in different parts of the world in the near future.  The Nutty Nomads have been kind enough to let us reshare their webisodes!  Now you be kind and check out their FACEBOOK/YOUTUBE pages!!

EPISODE 1 – Japanese Garden Festival

This is the first episode of the Nutty Nomads and the girls go to a Japanese Garden Festival in Los Angeles, but are disappointed with the lack of normal festival activities, but impressed by the beauty of the garden.  They touch on the use of symbolism in Japanese culture, explore origami, get down to some Taiko drumming, and of course . . . food!



Did you like it?  Did you love it?  Do you want some more of it?! 

If you just can’t get enough, go to any of the links below to watch more videos and learn more about the Nutty Nomads!








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