Panama Joe’s Grill & Cantina – Long Beach, CA

Panama Joe's in Long Beach mexican restaurant

A couple of my friends came down to Long Beach to check out my new apartment, AND so we could terrorize some local cuisine; we ended up at Panama Joe’s on 2nd street on the border of the Belmont Shore and Long Beach.

It’s a sports bar with all kinds of crazy swag on the walls and at least 20 big screen TV’s throughout.  When we walked up the hostess told us to sit wherever and to place our order at the bar.  It had a bit of a college sports bar vibe with a heavy emphasis on buying fish bowls, buckets, and other huge liquor beverages.  We ended up getting the pineapple chipotle lemonade and the great white margarita.  Both were quite standard and weren’t over the top, my friend couldn’t taste the chipotle at all in the lemonade, but the food would make up for the average drinks.

At Panama Joe’s they have an endless chips & salsa bar that has verde and rojo salsas with the option of adding jalapenos or onions and cilantro.  Below the salsas are two warming drawers filled to the brim with tortilla chips with a house seasoning.  The salsas were seasoned quite well and even had a good amount of spiciness to them.  The tortilla chips were crunchy and not overly fried or stale from being in the heating drawer, they were just right!

Food from panama joe's grill and cantina
A Chicken Tamale & Shredded Beef Burrito with Red Rice

As far as food from the menu we only ordered the mini taco appetizer and were amazed.  It comes with six tacos that can be shredded chicken or beef, or ground beef.  We went with the shredded chicken, it was the right choice.  The chicken was amazingly tender, juicy, and flavorful.  It was topped with a little lettuce, sour cream, diced tomatoes, and onions.  It came with a dollop of creamy guacamole with avocado chunks also.  The little hard tacos came in a crispy almost pastry like tortilla that crumbled with every bite.  They were a little messy but absolutely amazing!

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at this franchise Mexican sports bar and grill.  Oddly enough I enjoyed the food more than the liquor, but that came as a good surprise to me.  So if you’re in college, or freshly out, or just looking to get hammered I recommend Panama Joe’s, and it’s also great if you’re just looking for a place to grab some tacos and a beer.



5100 E. 2nd St.

Long Beach, CA 90803


PANAMA JOE’S – BELMONT SHORE (It’s really on the border of Long Beach and Belmont)


(562) 434-7417

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