Hello everyone!


Nick Kern here, I’m here to formally apologize for the lack of posts recently.  On July 9th, my roommate found Toxic Black Mold in our apartment, on July 10th I had a sinus infection that last until a few days ago.  (I’m allergic to mold)  But what I’m getting at here, is that I haven’t been able to post because I’ve been dealing with the apartment complex ALLLLLLLL month long because they’ve been trying to deny us money we’re rightfully owed.  They showed up on moving day to tell us that we had to sign a form stating they would only give us money from the day we were moving out to the end of the month and our security deposit, they also stated they would NOT refund us our $378.00 dry cleaning bill, and if we didn’t sign it they would cancel our movers.  I had to front $1500.00 to move into a new place within 1 week and now have no money to buy groceries to produce content for you guys.  As soon as I do I promise Eating In Bed will be up and running as hard as ever, but below is a link to my HORRIBLE review of the MILANO APARTMENTS in Torrance California where I was financially abused.  Please go there, and like it on stumbleupon, and all that good stuff so people have some for-warning before they get denied what they’re owed.


BUT!  I promise to have you at least one more article up by Sunday, it’s going to be a How To on making French Toast, because I read an article on ProBlogger this morning that said there’s no point in writing a How To on French Toast because there’s over 2.54 million results for it.  So it’s kind of a joke, but still it will be a tutorial!  Love you all and thanks for continuing to read!



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