How to Prep Pineapple

How to Prep a Pineapple

How to Prep Pineapple

Welcome to “How To” on Eating In Bed!  I know it’s hard to learn how to cook with no explanation for the method you’re using is, so this section of the site is dedicated to making delicious food accessible, fun, and to introduce you to the proper execution of cooking techniques!

Food Prep is a very important part of cooking!  It is over looked by many novices, and can be the difference between an awesome dish and an average dish.  The care that you take in preparing the ingredients for your dish shows in the finished dish.

Pineapple is an amazing fruit.  Most all commercially produced marinades incorporate an enzyme from pineapple that naturally breaks down meats making the more tender.  Pineapple adds great flavor to things like chicken and fish, it is also an amazing addition to sauces.  When buying pineapple look for ones that are browner than green on the outside.  That means the pineapple has ripened, you can also buy a greener pineapple and leave it on your counter for a few days if you don’t plan to use it immediately.

How to Prep Pineapple

How to prep a pineapple

  1. Begin by cutting the top and bottoms off
  2. Then cut off the skin on the sides
  3. Now cut it into quarters vertically
  4. You’ll notice the center of the pineapple is lighter in color and rougher to the touch, this is the core and it needs to be removed
  5. Cut a half inch from the center of each of your quarters to remove the core
  6. Now you can do whatever you want with the pineapple.  It can be grilled, blended into a sauce, or eaten raw!

I know this was a simple tutorial, but it’s important to know how to prep food, and I know I love sites that supply this kind of info.  If you found this helpful be sure to chime in with your tips and tricks!


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