Los Angeles Food Truck

Temaki Truck – Los Angeles – Sushi on Wheels

Sushi Menu

This weekend I was at Venice Beach shooting an amateur boxing event and there was a food truck catering the event and that truck was Temaki Maki, a sushi food truck.  The food truck revolution is one of the best things to happen to food in a long time.  It’s given the ability to create and share new styles of food to a much broader audience.

The staff of Temaki Maki were great, and the menu is very accessible.  The menu is also very original with items like the Albacore Galore, it’s a hand-roll that’s stuffed with finely chopped albacore, cucumber, and alfalfa sprouts then drizzled with ponzu sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds.

I ordered the Temaki Maki which is a hand-roll stuffed with a smorgasbord of seafood and the Unagi Maki which is a crab roll topped with fire grilled eel and avocado drizzled with eel sauce.

Unagi Maki –  the eel was soft and tender with great flavor and a slight char.  The avocados were silky and creamy while the crab salad insides added consistency.  The rice was the perfect combination of sticky and soft though it could have a slightly more sweet or acidic taste in my opinion.  Overall the flavors married to make an awesome roll!

Los Angeles Food Truck

Temaki Maki –  It’s a hand-roll that’s stuffed with spicy tuna, salmon, albacore, yellow-tail, octopus, and shrimp!  They’re spicy tuna inside the Temaki Maki was amazing.  The flavors really popped with the sesame and it wasn’t as heavy as a lot of sushi places make their spicy tuna.  The cucumber sticks add great crunch that counter balances the soft fish.  The spicy sauce was both tart and sweet.  As you go through the roll you get introduced to different flavors and textures with every bite.  The octopus blew me away with its tenderness in comparison with the fish.  It all blends together to make a great hand-roll.  This is their signature roll and there’s definitely a good reason for it!








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