More Stuff Coming I Swears!

Hey Everyone,


I just wanted to let you know we have more recipes and videos on the way!  Sorry for the slight lull this past week due to heavy freelance work, but this week I should be able to get up a video that stars someone other than Blake!!! *GASP*


There will also be an AMAZING braised lamb recipes that I can’t wait to share, it’s one of my favorites.


ALSO:  I’m trying to get together a few eBooks, one free one for newsletter subscribers, and then one for purchase, so Eating In Bed can have its first “product” for sale.  In the future (big dreaming) I would love to have product lines that include sauces, cookbooks, and maybe cookware somewhere down the line, but until then, I’ll start with eBooks!

THANK YOU to everyone for making April the best month Eating In Bed has ever seen and please keep reading, we’ll keep the content a coming!


Creator/Owner – Nick Kern



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