Site Updates and Such

Hello readers,

This message is just to inform you that I have changed the layout of a few things. Firstly, the side bar, before it was an intermingling of ads and content, I’ve tried to consolidate it with the most important, every visit, type buttons on the top, then an ad in the middle and a link to the Eating in Bed Amazon Store, then more dials and doogangers for reading enjoyment and ease of use. Some of you may have noticed crazy things happening for a while also involving a slider near the header. . . it’s still in the works but I’m having problems with the coding as I am not a web designer.

I would say the most important update I’m working on is creating a centralized statement to go above the postings so that there’s a landing area for your eyes. It will just be a brief welcome statement with a short description of the page. I think it will really improve the sites functionality!

Well that’s all for now, and if you have ideas and things like that send them this way!

Nick Kern

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