Citrus – Four Points Sheraton, San Diego, CA | Affordable Fancy Fare

I was in San Diego to shoot a professional boxing match and we were at the Four Points San Diego Sheraton.  The hotel itself looked pretty nice though one of my co-workers staying there wasn’t too fond of the rooms.  I didn’t stay there, I was just there to shoot the boxing, but either way, there’s a restaurant connected to the lobby called “Citrus”.  I ate there with a co-worker and we were both quite surprised by the quality of food and service!

Photography by Nick Kern

So let’s get on to the food (I couldn’t find a menu online so here’s a picture of one of the pages)

Photography by Nick Kern

Appetizer:  CALAMARI

Photography by Nick Kern

The calamari was delicious.  It was lightly battered, and the squid was tender and juicy inside the crispy batter.  The calamari was paired with lemon and a chipotle portabello marinara sauce.  The sauce was good, but I prefer the traditional marinara, the spicy and smokey flavors of the chipotle were a little overwhelming for me.  That didn’t hinder the flavors of the calamari by itself though, and I ate the whole dish



Photography by Nick Kern

The lettuce wraps were great, I’ve had them all over LA and really love the freshness they add to something that would make a boring sandwich.  This chicken was cooked in a Hoisin style sauce with water chestnuts.  Hoisin sauce is like a Chinese barbecue sauce, and it’s one of my favorite flavors that always reminds me of my mother’s Peking Duck.  The chicken and chestnuts came in a bowl with sauce and topped with shaved almonds, on the side were cucumber and shredded carrots.  The lettuce for the wraps was a bibb lettuce and it came with 2 sauces, a ponzu sauce and a chili sauce.  They were both really good, but I leaned towards the chili sauce.  The combination of the fresh carrot and cucumber with the soft warm chicken and water chestnuts was amazing, when combined with either of the sauces it was a formidable flavor foe!


The food was good, the decor was nice, the service was great.  It was also well priced, with most dishes in the $10 to $20 range, though the entrees were higher in price, but looked delicious.




CITRUS in the San Diego Four Points Sheraton

8110 Aero Dr.
San Diego, CA 92123


6:00am – 2:00pm

5:00pm – 10:00pm

San Diego Four Points Sheraton – San Diego, CA


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