Moo’s Chinese Restaurant, Torrance, CA | Sweet & Sour!

On one fine Friday evening my friend Ashley and I were in the mood for Chinese.  We tried to go to the place closest to me, but they were closed, I’d driven past Moo’s many times and hadn’t eaten there.  It was the obvious decision.  Upon arrival we were promptly greeted by a host and shown to our seats and presented with menus.

Moo's Chinese Restaurant in Los Angeles

Immediately I was drawn to the Moo’s Special Dinner.  It consisted of samples of several appetizers, sizzling rice soup, and an entree of your choice.  I went with the Crispy Duck as I am, in fact, obsessed with duck.  Ashley went with the Family Dinner, which has slightly less appetizers, egg flower soup, and an entree; she chose the Sweet and Sour Pork.


Our appetizers were brought out on a wooden palette with three separate sections, on had a massive barbecued rib in it, the other had a little pot that had a fire in it, and the last had egg rolls, dumplings, paper wrapped chicken, and jumbo fried shrimp.  It was all delicious, though by far we both liked the rib above the others.  The sizzling rice soup was delicious, it was like an egg drop soup that had a bit more texture.  It was rich, but not heavy and had small pieces of diced water chestnut that added the crunch generally missing in egg drop soups.

Moo's Chinese Restaurant in Los Angeles

Now to the entree, I’m biased in my opinion on duck because I consider myself a bit of a duck-ologist, but it was pretty darn good.  My only beefs were that some of the fat wasn’t fully rendered and that there were a few pieces that were overly fried.  With that said, it was quite traditionally cooked and the pieces that were done right were done exceptionally well.  I asked for Hoisin sauce to dip the duck in, I recommend it!  Ashley’s Sweet and Sour Pork was also really good, the pork was still tender, the batter adhered to the meat, and the sauce adhered to the batter.  Really a classic story of pork meets batter meets hot oil meets sweet and sour sauce.  And one last side note was that the fried rice was delicious, but greasier than what I’m used to.


Together our meal was about $20 and we both had leftovers.  It was a great meal that came with complimentary green tea and the service was excellent.  If you’re in Los Angeles, I recommend going to Moo’s Chinese if you’re in the mood for some good Chinese and good customer service.






Moo’s Chinese Restaurant

4817 Torrance Blvd
Torrance, CA 90510

Moo's Chinese Restaurant in Los Angeles




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