Angara Indian Restaurant, Torrance,CA | Delicious Curry & Naan!

One day I got picked up from work and on the way home it was decided that we needed to eat Indian food.  Immediately following the decision we say Angara Indian Restaurant on the left side of the road with Christmas lights aglow.

Angara Indian Restaurant

When I walked in the restaurant was completely empty, I was greeted and I placed my order.  I was given the options of mild, medium, and spicy for my Tikka Masala.  While I waited for my food I enjoyed a beer and watched the Indian music videos on the big screen, and watched as take out orders poured in and their phone rang off the hook.  It seemed the emptiness of the restaurant was misleading and my anticipation to try to the food grew.

What was ordered?

For 2 people we ordered Chicken Tikka Masala with White Rice, and Keema Naan.  The order was less than $20 and fed 2 people with leftovers.

Angara Indian Restaurant

Tikka Masala – Chicken cooked in a rich tomato, ginger, and onion sauce.  A must have for first timers. (Excerpt from the menu)

I’ve had quite a few variations of Tikka Masala, but this has been one of my favorites so far.  I ordered the medium spicy level, and it wasn’t overwhelming, the spice only came in as an aftertaste.  I mixed the jasmine rice with the Chicken Tikka Masala.  It had a slight sweetness, earthy flavors and aromatics with a savory spicy finish.

Keema Naan –  Freshly baked Naan stuffed with minced lamb mixture (excerpt from menu)

This appetizer surprised me.  I was assuming it would be similar to a thinner calzone with a minced lamb mixture, but I was wrong.  The naan was very thin with a lamb mixture spread that covers the inside of the bread.  There’s onion and garlic and other spices inside and then it’s baked in the oven.  It was great as a dipping device for the tikka masala.

Overall my only complaint could be that the Tikka Masala could have been hotter, but now I know and I can just ask for spicy!  I highly recommend Angora Indian Restaurant and look forward to eating there again!


RATING: 4.5 out of 5

Angara Indian Restaurant

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