Hwang’s Restaurant – Gardena, CA | Incredible Korean BBQ

Hwang’s Restaurant in Gardena, California is deliciously awesome!  It’s a Korean Barbecue restaurant; there are a ton in Los Angeles, but I’d never had any Korean food until I moved here.  Since then I’ve tried several in the Koreatown area that were all delicious, but they didn’t feel that unique.  A few weeks ago a friend took me to Hwang’s and changed my perspective on the flavors Korean Barbecue entails.

It’s a small restaurant in a little strip mall and didn’t look like anything out of the ordinary.  When we walked in there’s a whole bunch of Korean decor/posters.  . . and oddly enough a collection of golf balls and golf trophies, but that has nothing to do with how awesome the food was!


Photo from Yelp

As you can see from the photo, the table is set up with a grill in the center.  When you get there, your server grabs your drink order and fires up the grill.  Their menu is expansive and looks as thought it’s really expensive.  This is misleading.  While many of the menu items are $20 and up, they easily feed 2 if not 3 people.


How does a singular item feed 3 people?  Not because the portions are huge, but because of what comes with the entree.  We ordered the Beef Brisket and before we knew it the server had arrived with a tray FULL of small dishes loaded with food.  There was the classic kimchi, and lotus roots, along with little Tofu type pancakes, other pickled vegetables, and things I had no idea what they were but they were delicious!


Once we had our side dishes we were presented with a huge plate with about 50 rolls of uncooked brisket, the serve placed it on the table and started putting the meat on the grill for us.  She cooked the first layer and then we put some of our sides on the grill and continued to cook the meat from there.  By the end of the meal there was nothing left. . . but that’s because we were starving.  IF I were as to show up with a moderate appetite there would have been a whole nother meals leftovers!


Photo from Yelp

The photo above is the portion size for the brisket plate.  It’s absolutely amazing.  The only drawback was slow service, but that’s almost the point.  When you’ve been given all of your sides and entree, there’s not much need for the server and you just get to enjoy your meal.  They also have a nice selection of beers (including the amazing Hite Beer) and soju (Distilled Rice Wine).  **Check out the menu for some Crown Royer**  So if you’re in Gardena, or anywhere in Los Angeles make the treck to Hwang’s in Gardena!

RATING: 5 out of 5


3 thoughts on “Hwang’s Restaurant – Gardena, CA | Incredible Korean BBQ”

  1. We have a Thursday night Girls night with a bunch of girlfriends, We enjoy hanging out and having dinner at different places in our neighborhood Gardena, Torrance area. Our favorite is Korean BBQ and been to many restaurant in Southbay, This place is by far the worst customer service we ever endure. I suggest if your not Korean this isn’t the place to have dinner, Neither of us in the group is Korean heritage were all Americans. And felt like we were being discriminated and out-casted cause the parties that were Korean and were able to speak Korean that came in after us gotten the red carpet serves as we just sat there still waiting to be serve after about 30mins of sitting there we finally gotten our side dishes and had to wait another 30mins before the meats arrive. FYI: It wasn’t a busy night it was a Thursday night after 8pm. Many tables were available. Our server who was an older Korean woman with short hair ignored us the whole night, This is a Buffet and we was served once she never came back. I had to get another waitress attention to help us by this time my party was already up-set and didn’t want wait another 30mins for our food. We will never eat at this place ever again the WORST Customer service EVER this place should be Boycott for discrimination

    1. I’m sorry you had a horrible experience, I haven’t been there in over a year and I was brought in by a friend who was a regular. Was the food good at least?

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