Thee First Non-Cooking Entry!

Hello to anyone and everyone that’s here or is just visiting.  I’m Nick Kern, the creator of Eating In Bed, both the website and the act.  I just wanted to drop some informational bombs on what’s happened since the start of the site and what we want to happen in the near future!

What’s Happened?

  • The site opened, almost 100 recipes have been posted so far with more to come almost daily (it’s a little busy around Christmas)
  • There are some Restaurant and Travel reviews also, not as many as I want, but the page is still young!
  • Pictures of the food are in the process of coming a long way, if you look at some of the first recipes posted with pictures they were taken with my camera phone. . . if you look at some of the most recent pictures, they were taken with a Rebel T2i by an actual photographer.
  • We made the page accessible with Twitter, Facebook, and Stumble Upon, there’s also a facebook page and a twitter page so check them out and be sure to follow us!

What’s next?

  1. We’re actually in the process of shooting some cooking tutorials, it will hopefully be a series of short 1-3 minute videos talking about food preparation and kitchen etiquette
  2. Once again better photography is coming
  3. More recipes and reviews from more people
  4. Appliance reviews, that’s a big one I want to incorporate because when I look at a blender and a food processor I want to know which one’s going to make the better carrot puree and which is going to make the better margarita!
  5. More Fans!  This relies heavily on anyone reading this.

Well that’s it for now, I’ll try to get up some new recipes soon, our Photographer, Blake Zimmerman actually invented an incredible cake which will be called the Blake Cake and posted.  It’s really incredible and is festive too!  So stick with us as we continue to build and you shall be rewarded with more food to eat in your beds, or futons, or cots!


3 thoughts on “Thee First Non-Cooking Entry!”

  1. Holy crap I had no idea this site was ur baby Nick, dude u got to get some of my recipes up here man… U remember all the crazy stuff we invented for our “restuarant”? Lol
    either way let me know what I can do to help out…

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