El Burrito Jr, Torrance, CA (Los Angeles)

El Burrito Jr was an unexpected treasure.  I live right by this place and have always opted for more expensive places like The Counter or the Elephant Bar, but my roommate and I decided to give it a try today and we were both pleasantly surprised.


The server told us to sit wherever we wanted, which we did.  The decor was a bit out dated with some nasty clashing colors that looked from the seventies, but it had the feel of an Eastern diner.  Our server immediately attended to us and asked us about drinks.  They have cheap beer, which is nice, and a wide selection too.  Every table is started with homemade salsa and fried whole tortillas.  I can’t express enough how awesome it was to receive a giant circle piece of fried tortilla instead of regular chips.  It’s much more fun to actually break apart your own chip portions.  The salsa was good as well, not too spicy but a good flavor and texture.

The Food:

My roommate got some kind of Super Chicken Burrito, and that’s just what it was.  It was comparable in size to a football, but much better tasting.  The beast was covered in their Enchilada Sauce, and topped with Guacamole and Sour Cream.  The Enchilada Sauce had to be made with some kind of reconstituted dried peppers and tomato as the base, it was excellent.  The burrito itself was filled with layers of cheese, chicken, rice, and lettuce (he opted out on the beans).  A little less than half way through he had to hand in his silver ware and get a to-go box.

My meal consisted of a Chile Relleno, Enchilada, and Refried Beans.  The Relleno and Enchilada were slathered with the Enchilada Sauce as well.  The Chile Relleno was made quite traditionally with a battered Poblano Pepper stuffed with Mozzarella and fried.  The cheese wasn’t greasy, the pepper retained and delivered its flavor, and the batter was light and fluffy, the egg was pronounced as well, which I enjoyed.  I have had a lot of Chile Rellenos in my time, but this was in the top 3 or 4.  All of my favorites have shredded chicken involved, but for the case of the traditional relleno, this really delivered on flavor and consistency throughout its entirety.  The Enchilada was delicious; with tender shredded chicken inside a corn tortilla.  It was very simple, and that’s what made it so good, it was just chicken, tortilla, and sauce, every part balanced and equally pronounced in each bite.  The beans were piping hot when I got them and had just enough cheese to add a little texture.  Refried Beans aren’t really my favorite so I won’t go much deeper than to say that I enjoyed them.

So, if you’re looking for a delicious Mexican meal at an affordable  price with great service, I highly recommend El Burrito Jr. in Torrance!

El Burrito Rating:  (1 – 5)



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