Umami Burger – Silver Lake, CA (Los Angeles)

Umami Burger is a burger bar that has several locations in Los Angeles and several delicious burgers to choose from!

Umami Burger has a location on Hollywood Blvd. that some friends and myself went to for lunch.  The atmosphere was a fusion of Japanese and American culture, and the logo is the silhouette of the top and bottom buns, which also form the shape of lips.  The menu was just a one page front and back list of all kinds of burgers and sides.  While it does cost $9 for the cheapest burger, and sides are not included, it’s worth the price!

I ordered the Kombu #1, which was a combination platter including the traditional Umami Burger that comes with a slice of hardened cooked cheese, shitake mushrooms, caramelized onions, and fire roasted tomatoes on a pretzel roll.  With the burger comes a huge helping of fries that was enough for all three of us, and to top it off the combination is completed with a Phucket lager.  This all runs you $15, which I find acceptable for a beer, burger, and fries.  They have two other available “Kombu’s”, the one comes with wine and sweet potato fries, the other with onion rings and a porter beer.  The Kombu #2 was red wine, sweet potato fries, and the Port & Stilton Burger.  the Kombu #3 comes with the fried onion rings, porter, and the Manly Burger.

The total bill for the three of us for a late lunch was $45, and as with any meal, was it worth it?  I would say yes, the burger was a perfect medium rare, the fries were crunchy, salty, and still tender on the inside and the sweet potato fries were finished before we finished getting our drinks.  If you’re interested in trying one of these delicious burgers don’t hestitate to check out the website for: Umami Burger


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