Residence Inn Marriott in Midtown Raliegh, NC

My girlfriend and I went up to visit some friends and had a great time here! It was very relaxing and private. There was also plenty to do and most of it was free with the room!

Over last weekend, my girlfriend and I went to Raleigh, NC to visit our friend who had just graduated college and was about to move into her first house.  For a few days she was staying in the Residence Inn Midtown and we went to check out her new house.  While we ended up not seeing the new house and spending most of our time in the hotel room, it was well worth it.

What the Room was Like

  • 2 floors
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Fully stocked kitchen with dishwasher, Refrigerator, Sink, Microwave, and Stove
  • The showers had incredible heads that could either work as a power massager or a high power set of streams
  • The beds were Queen sized and had a ton of pillows and the blankets weren’t too heavy, which is a hotel peeve of mine
  • There were 3 TVs through the singular suite and each had cable with HBO, there was also a sufficient amount of office workspace if you would bring a computer or work to get done.
  • Wireless Internet
  • A working wood burning fireplace!

And that’s just what the room was like!  The complex itself has a workout area, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, complimentary breakfast buffet, complimentary reception Mon-Thurs evening which includes light dinner, beer, wine, and other beverages.

It’s in a great little area, you get off the 440 beltway onto 40 east and take the wake forest rd exit.  From there you just go right off the exit and left at the Denny’s and it’s on your left.  It was awesome waking up hung over and going to Denny’s.  Right down the street from there is a gas station for any little snacks you’ll need and the area’s very nice.  Within 5 miles of the Inn there are Jogging Trails, Miniature Golf, and Bowling.  If golf’s your thing there are 3 golf clubs under 10 miles:  The North Ridge Country Club, The WildWood Greens, and the HedingHam Golf Club.  AND for all the ladies looking to relax, there are 4, YES FOUR, spas in the immediate 3 mile area.  The Von Kekel Salon/Spa, Planet Beach Tanning/Spa, Natural Body Spa/Shoppe, and The Spa by Mitchells.

I would give the Residence Inn Midtown in Raleigh NC  5 Stars


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