Grilled Onion Leek Burgers

A while ago I had minced onions and garlic into a paste for a sauce my friend and I were making.  There was leftover onion/garlic paste that we decided to try mixing into our burgers.  That was almost a year ago and I have yet to make a burger without onion paste since.  This time I decided to try using leeks instead of garlic, and I was pleasantly surprised with the flavor it adds to the meat.  Next time. . . Shallots!


  • 1/4 Sweet Yellow Onion Minced into Paste
  • 1/2 Leek Minced into Paste
  • 2 1/2 – 3 Lb Ground Beef
  • 2 Tbsp Salt
  • 2 Tbsp Pepper
  • 2 Tbsp Garlic Powder


  1. Mince your Veggies into a Paste
  2. Put your Ground Beef in a Mixing Bowl
  3. Add the Veggie Paste
  4. Add 1/2 the Seasonings
  5. Stir until combined, but don’t overwork the meat
  6. Heat your Grill to Medium High Heat
  7. Let sit 10-20 Minutes or until Meat is Room Temperature
  8. Form into 1/4 Lb Patties (Make sure to put a divet in the center of the burgers to avoid them becoming meatballs on the grill)
  9. Use the remaining seasonings on the top side of the burgers
  10. Cook Seasoned Side Down for 4-5 Minutes
  11. Flip
  12. Cook 3-4 Minutes
  13. Remove from heat (They’ll be between Medium-Rare and Medium)

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